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Rhodiola helps treating insomnia

Rhodiola is an amazing plant that’s reported on / to many benefits of people’s health . But the well-known goodness is to increase the oxygen content of blood , so some people are used to take Rhodiola a few days before going to a high altitude place to overcome the altitude sickness . We know the oxygen is thinner in the high altitude place .

By this way , we know Rhodiola should be good for the people that suffer a heart and/or brain thrombotic disease . And actually my mother and me more or less have the problem of heart and/or brain thrombotic disease which make us get headache and hard to go to asleep sometimes . So I bought some Rhodiola roots to cook with water , after drinking the Rhodiola water , we have an unexpected finding that we slept easily and well while we just wanted the benefit of getting rid of headache and also might help my mother’s irregular heart beat . Very soon and obviously that the Rhodiola offered us a good sleep . For example , we drank the Rhodiola water at noon the first time , then we felt sleepy and could go to sleep right away at the noon rest.

Rhodiola helps treating insomnia

The Rhodiola root slices I bought for treating insomnia

It’s said some people suffered from insomnia after taking the Rhodiola. If really so , I think it’s because these people don’t have a cardiovascular problem and Rhodiola make them more energetic and somewhat exciting . But for people that are suffering from insomnia due to a cardiovascular problem , Rhodiola helps making a good blood circulation of brain, when the brain works normally again , people who have been sleepless for some time will feel sleepy and sleep easily . Actually , Rhodiola’s help for sleep is obvious in the first few days of taking it , it no longer makes people sleepy when people sleep normally . This means Rhodiola help to balance the body and as a compensation to the lack of sleep.  So it takes an obvious effect to make people be sleepy and sleep well the first days , and then runs into a regular sleep .

By the way , Rhodiola also treated headache caused by a cardiovascular problem of brain by our experiences .


Bad breath And The Root Causes

About bad breath

bad breath

Bad breath, also called “halitosis” or “oral malodor”, is a symptom that an unpleasant odor is present on the exhaled breath. Bad breath makes people feel embarrassed and is now the third most frequent reason for people to seek dental care after tooth decay and gum disease. It’s estimated that 30~40% of the general population are reported to suffer from bad breath to some degree.

How to judge your bad breath

Use a spoon to scrap the back of your tongue, let the spoon dry, and then smell it, you will know if your breath stink or not. You can also smell your dental floss after you use it.

But if your bad breath is from your inside instead of your mouth, you need to ask a close friend because she/he’s often “close” to you and know the “secret”.

Root causes of bad breath and the treatments

Actually almost all people had the  bad breath (halitosis) problem before. Some people got the breath problem for a short time and others had a long-term bad breath. That’s because the causes of bad breath are different. The bad breath can be temporary when it’s caused by food particles remaining between teeth promoting the growth of bacteria below the gumline or on the back of the tongue, an antibacterial mouth rinse can get rid of the bad breath. But it would take much longer time to cure bad breath when it’s caused by internal medical conditions like respiratory tract infection, chronic sinus infection and even liver diseases. So different causes of bad breath need different treatments. To handle this problem, you need to know what cause your bad breath first. Below are some conditions for your self-diagnostics.

Food: Food is a main source of oral malodor. Some food with strong odor like garlic, onions, fish can remain a lingering smell in your mouth. But this is usually short term. The serious situation is that the food particles get stuck between teeth promoting the growth of bacteria and producing malodor. Give it some time for such a bad dental hygiene, plaque will build up between the tooth and the gum which causes an odor of its own. For this situation, the way to prevent and treat bad breath is to brush and floss the teeth regularly.

Cigarette smoking: Smoking can leave smoke particles and linger in the throat and lungs for hours, hence the stale scent associated with smoker’s breath. Stop smoking is the most direct way to eliminate such a bad breath.

Dry mouth: Dry mouth, clinically called xerostomia, is a condition that usually results from decreased production of saliva. Saliva is a vital part of the digestive process and help to remove odor-causing particles in mouth. So when mouth is dry, bad breath occurs. A Bad breath in the morning is very common. Saliva production nearly stops during sleep, which allows bacteria to grow, causing bad breath, but this is normal. Bad breath caused by dry mouth happens not only in the morning after waking when dry mouth is caused by medical conditions like side effect from stress, side effect of drugs, damage of salivary glands and so on. For the symptom of bad breath caused by dry mouth, you are suggested to have a mouth rinse to remove the bacteria so that you breath freshly and then go to see a doctor.

Gut Bacteria: An imbalance between the good and bad bacteria in your gut would cause bad breath from your inside that produced by bad bacteria like yeast and/or candida. Your bad breath gets worse when you’ve eaten too much sugar that feeds bad bacteria to produce more excessive gas—including foul-smelling hydrogen sulfide. You are supposed to take antimicrobial herbs to kill the bad bacteria, and then repopulate the gut with good bacteria known as probiotics.

Other health problems: The bad breath may be caused by other internal health problems that are more complicated and need longer time to treat. These medical conditions includes chronic sinus infection, chronic acid reflux, diabetes, liver diseases and so on. So when you don’t have ideas what cause your bad breath after trying dental care, stopping smoking and taking probiotics, you may need to see a doctor for a body check.

Treat Paronychia Caused By Ingrown Toenail (Onychocryptosis)

A paronychia is a nail disease due to a fungal infection on a small wound at the side of a toenail. We can treat the infection with tea tree oil or something else that can kill fungi. It’s simple if your small wound is only because a careless toenail cutting. But for the paronychia caused by ingrown toenail (Onychocryptosis), the ingrown toenail continuously cuts the side of nail bed and continuously cause the wound that takes a fungal infection. The paronychia never stop no matter what kinds of antimicrobial agents you are using until you correct the ingrown toenail.

Here I am sharing a useful and effective experience that I learned from a discussion forum about paronychia caused by ingrown toenail.

We know the problem is that the toenail grows towards (into) the flesh of nail bed, so we can solve this problem by making the toenail growing outwards. The way is to insert some cottons in between ingrown nail and nail bed, thus the nail grow outwards and no longer cut into the flesh.

1. For the nail can be easily lifted up for inserting with cottons, we are supposed to take a foot bath for softening the nail and nail bed,

A foot bath before treating the paronychia caused by ingrown toenail

If the toenail is still hard for the cotton-insertion after a foot bath, we can grind the middle part of toenail to be thinner, then it would become softer for the later cotton-inserting.

Grind the middle part to make the nail thinner and softer, then it wouldn't be too hard for the cotton-insertion under the nail.

You can use a grinding tool like below, or a knife/file to do the grinding job.

Grinding tools for the toenail

2. Dabbed iodine or tea tree oil on the ingrown area to treat the infection caused by fungi.

3. Insert some cottons under the nail where the part grows inside. You can use a metal pin or toothpick push gently inside the cottons.

Treat the Paronychia caused by ingrown toenail


Treatment for the Paronychia caused by ingrown toenail

4. Change the cotton-insertion every day, don’t forget to apply iodine or tea tree oil. It needs 3 -6 weeks to allow the toenail grow out and cover the nail bed instead of “cutting” into the nail bed.



Fix a denture (false tooth) in place with adhesive

I lost my invisible denture and I went to the dentist for re-making a new one. The dentist was going to make a mould of my teeth and sending it to the other city to make the new one. I told the dentist that I wanted the new one as soon as possible due to my personal reason this time, the dentist thought a while and said she could “make” a denture by herself and fit it into my mouth right away, so that I didn’t need to wait for the new invisible denture, and also the denture couldn’t be remove like the invisible denture.

It’s the first time I heard such a thing. I don’t quiet believe the dentist’s workmanship, but she said the price was just the half of the invisible denture, this reduced my worry that if the she-made denture fail to last a long time or I take it off if I cannot accept it, I wouldn’t lost too much money. So I accept her idea.

The dentures were actually already made. She just choose one of them that matches my “empty”, and then she used some kind of adhesive to hold the denture in place. The adhesive were applied across my two natural teeth at the left and right to get the support. I felt a pungent taste like thinner when the material dripped to my tongue during
the process. And after that, I found the “adhesive material” was actually the filling resin for the broken teeth.

The she-made fixed denture is better than the invisible denture for me. The invisible denture has two large supportive covers on the gum that irritage my tongue because it’s my upper front tooth, I just couldn’t get used to the irritation and I only wore it when I was out to meet others. But this fixed denture has much smaller supportive extending to cause much less irritation to my tongue, so I can accept it to stay in my mouth all the time.

Now I think it’s a good option for the people who can not accept the below solutions to their missing teeth:

  1. Grind the left and right teeth to make a dental bridge to support the denture. This would destroy two good teeth for installing a false tooth.
  2. Make a hole in the jawbone to implant a denture.
  3. Wearing a removable invisible denture, but the denture has two big supportive covers to irritate the tongue if it’s a upper front tooth. Also, the denture may fall off during a chewing action that happened to me before.

The disadvantage of such a denture fixed by “adhesive” may be not that firm as an implanted tooth, you need to be careful in chewing food. My fixed denture stays good after 40 days to now, and then I share my this experience here.

More about treatments for missing a tooth, please see my the other article of Treatments for a chipped tooth / a broken tooth: filling, repairing with a crown, dentures, dental bridge and dental implant.

Proper care makes the ALS patients live longer

The life expectancy of an AlS patient is ususally 2-5 years from the time of diagnosis. But it is variable with different conditions of the disease and the care to the patient. Some people with poor financial condition cannot offer expensive medicine and/or with less family care would die soon within 1-3 years. But with a proper care, even with less medicine, many people can live more than 5 years, some are even over 20 years.

ALS still doesn’t have a cure with any medicine. We cannot choose the conditions of the diesease: Some people’s ALS can go fast and some go slowly. But if We want the patient live longer than a common expectancy, we can give the patient a proper care to delay the death. If you have noticed that some people with ALS often go to ALS
forum / ALS communication groups, you can see their chatting records / topics 5 or even 10 years ago, and now they are still active there, they live longer because they know how to take a proper care. A study shows that prevalence of ALS cases in Israel is much higher than in USA and Europe because the Israeli survival rate is significantly higher – their people with ALS live longer with a better supportive treatment provided by the Israeli health care system. The incidence in Japan is similar to that of Israel due to the same reason (Refer to Study: Israeli ALS patients survive longer than anywhere in the world).

But the government health care system is not the only way to the ALS patients. Just like what I said above, the people with ALS and their family members can learn the care experiences & skills from doctors and other ALS patients, buy nutritious food/medicine, and take some surgeries if necessary.

Here are some experiences about caring my oldest cousin who’s female and about 50 years old, she got ALS about 5 years ago and now still able to send messages by cellphone with knuckles.

1. Riluzole, by now the only drug for ALS, was approved by the FDA in late 1995. This drug was shown scientifically to prolong the lives of ALS patients by at least a few months. It cannot cure ALS and would show different effects on different people. It’s suggested to have this drug, but if you cannot get it from the government and it’s too expensive for you to afford, my personal idea is to skip this drug and save the money to buy some nutritious foods.

Riluzole and ALS

2. The surgical of gastrostomy

The people with ALS will sooner or later progress to the point where it interferes with a person’s ability to swallow food. When people cannot absorb enough food (nutrition), the body will become weaker and weaker, and the disease will progress faster. Also the choking(bucking) due to the difficulty of swallowing will increase a risk of pneumonia. All these will shorten the life of the patients greatly. So inserting a feeding tube through abdomen into the stomach for injecting the liquid nutritional supplement and even the medicine is very important and necessary.

Gastrostomy and ALS

Actually when the ALS patients are still able to eat and drink, the doctor may suggest a gastrostomy surgery based on the disease progression. The patient is usually hard to accept having an opening on the abdomen because they still hold the ability of eating. But the fact is when you have the difficulty of eating, you have already become very weak and the risk of surgery would increase a lot.

Among the points of caring a ALS person, based on my personal study, the early gastrostomy surgery may be the most important factor to maintain and prolong the lives of ALS patients. Actually, even installed with a tube on the abdomen, the patients can still enjoy the food with mouth if they still hold that ability.

3. The ALS Diet.

The people with ALS are weak and thin. Although they are losing the movement ability because of nerves damage, the intake of nutrition will resist or delay the progression of nerves damage. The nutritious food includes high protein sources like beef, chicken and eggs; Healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil and cultured butter; Fruits and
vegetables are also necessary. The ALS patients can drink the juice if not that convenient.

Diet and ALS

A traditional Chinese pork soup is actually very nutritious and easy absorptive to the ALS patients. A Chinese herb who’s called as “Huangqi” (Radix Astragali) is often put into the pork soup for it helps muscular weakness and fatigue in an explanation of traditional Chinese medicine. If you don’t know it or cannot get this herb, you don’t have to put it into the soup, just let you know that many Chinese ALS patients drink Huangqi soup. But a common pork soup without any herb is still surely a very good nutrition to the ALS patients.

4. Moxa and Moxibustion

Moxa and moxibustion really help based on the experience of my cousin. I personally consider it helps much more than Riluzole.

Moxibustion and ALS

My cousin’s big toes couldn’t move even in the very early stage, but after dipping the feet into the hot water with moxa leaves for a few months, the big toes have been able to move for serval years to now. This recovery of lost function is not transient like some other cases that lasting only a few months on ALS patients. Although my cousin’s ALS has been actually progressing, but the moxa bath / moxa foot bath should be helpful at some points. (Refer to Traditional Chinese medicines and moxibustion for ALS patients.)

One day I visited my cousin and found her speaking has been very indistinct. But after I helped her to do the moxibustion like the above picture, she spoke much more clear that I didn’t need to say “pardon me?”. The moxibustion can not only remove the comfortlessness and some diseases, but also make the body run smoothly to regain the energy (Refer to my article of “how to do moxibustion by yourself “).

5. Meditation (Qigong)

Sorry, meditation hasn’t been tried and proven by my cousin. I suggested her to do meditation, but she just didn’t. I still mention it here because every time after I finished a meditation, I felt energetic! And “energetic” is the same feeling that most of the people who do meditaon have. So what if the ALS patients who are usually very weak all the time can be energetic after meditation?!

Meditation and ALS

Based on my actual experience, the meditation is not sure to sit like the above picture. The basic of the meditation should relax and don’t think or focus on a point of your body. You can do the meditation at a position of sitting, standing or lying. As I know, an old man exercised meditation at a lying position for many years, had a great achievement and then wrote a book. So, meditation is easy and good for ALS patients to do themselves. Don’t be fooled that meditation is very mysterious and you need to pay a lot for a guide. The result and theory may be mysterious, but the way to do meditation is simple!

PS. I hope my this article will be helpful to other ALS patients and their family. People can share it with a link back to



Use vapor to moisten your eyes

When using eyes too often on computer, reading books and watching videos, eyes will become tired with symptons of pain and/or out-of-focus. Also, along with aging, dry eye easily occurs, it occurs when the eye does not produce tears properly or consistently. For such eye disorders, people would like to use eye drops that would offer a quick and effective treatment effect. But these chemical eye drops would no doubt bring some slight side effects and cause a eye-drop-dependency. That means we are not supposed to use eye drops too often.

Recently I found a natural way to handle eyes’ discomforts, that is to use vapor to moisten my eyes. It’s also quick and effective to comfort the eyes, but without stimulation and some side effects. The way is to pour the boil water into a cup, then close your eyes above the boil water to let the vapor moisten the eyes. Also blink the eyes frequently during the process to have a wash effect beside moistening. The eyes should be at least 30 cm away the cup with boil water: begin to get closer to the cup from 40 cm away and stop at a distance of 30 cm, just in case the eyes get scalded. It should be noted that some people’s eyes are sensitive to heat, for the first try, you are suggested to begin from distance of 60 cm, better to let the boiled water cools down to 90 degrees centigrade before the attempt. By the careful attempt, you know how to moisten your eyes at a safe distance and timing.

Use vapor to moisten your eyes

Note: Never put your eyes above the boiling water no matter what a distance is.

By moistening the eyes, not only wash the dirts and eye secretions, but also improve the eye microcirculation to enhance the eyes’ immunity, I ever reduced greatly the discomforts and treated slight pain in the corner of the eyes. But for the serious infection or continuous disorders, we still need to seek a help from a doctor or buy some eye medicines.


Do the cupping job by yourself easily

About cupping

Cupping can release and even remove some pains and discomforts. This has been experienced by many Chinese for hundreds of years. Some “experts” said “Cupping is a pseudoscience. There is no good evidence it has any beneficial health effects, and some risk that it may be harmful.”,  that’s very possible because they never try cupping or they do the cupping job wrongly. In my eyes, these “experts” themselves are a pseudoscience for such a such a irresponsible saying.

But how on earth does a cupping job make effect? Some people try to explain it with modern scientic knowledge. Actually no any explanation is convincible. The basic theory by traditional Chinese medicine is the cupping can suck the moisture and toxins out of the body (the moisture is a concept considered as a evil thing), thus remove the disease. It’s hard to make clear what and how about these moisture and toxins. Anyway, the practices with correct cupping jobs have been making people pass over pains/discomforts without any side effect or harm for a long history.

How to do the cupping job

The cupping is to place one or some cups on your back, remove the air out of the cup to cause a vacuum, so the cups can suck on the skin. The cupping position is as below photo:

The cupping position

There are many ways to do the cupping job with different cups and different ways to get out the air. Here I am going to tell 2 simple ways:

Way 1. Buy a cupping tool set, extract the air manually.  This is a modern, safe and convinent way to do the cupping job. By the way, “massage” is often used in the title or description of such a commodity. But please be noted that cupping is not a massage. It may be because the producer / provider itself doesn’t understand what the cupping is for.

The cupping tool set

Way 2. If you don’t have such a tools set for your personal condition, use the very traditional fire cupping. Use a cotton ball soaked with alcohol, burn it and place it into a cup, the heat make the air inside the cup become thin. Take the burning cotton out and place quickly the cup upside down on the skin. Then the cup sucks on the skin.

Fire Cupping -1

Fire Cupping -2

Some points need to be noted for a correct cupping job

The wrong way to do the cupping will deteriorate your pains and discomforts. So we need to be aware of the below points.

  1. Don’t let the wind blow you and don’t get cold during the cupping job. The pores of your skin are in an open status and last for some time because of cupping, the wind and cold will be evil at this moment (in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine). If the evil wind or coldness goes into your body through the cupping area, your health become worse!
  2. Don’t bath right after a cupping job because you would easily get cold during the bath, also the skin of cupping area will easily be broken and get infected for the rubbing. It’s usually suggested to take a bath at least 3 hours after a cupping job.
  3. The cupping time should be less than 10 minutes in case a damage to your skin. The exact cupping time length should be according to the way and tools you adopt (based on your feeling and observation).

Can Far Infrared Radiation Help To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Far Infrared Radiation is a popular therapy that has been used widely in fat loss, skin disorders, and detoxification for it can penetrates into the skin & muscles to creates the heating to expand capillaries to increase blood circulation / flow.

Far Infrared Radiation And Erectile Dysfunction

Also, some people are using this therapy to treat erectile dysfunction. The penis erection is all about blood flow to the penis. When no enough blood flow to the penis to cause and maintain the erection, the erectile dysfunction occurs. Now when you know far infrared raditation can improve your blood flow to the penis, will you try it to treat your ED problem?

There is a study of “Energy Specific Far Infrared Radiation Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction” in Canada sponsored by GAAD Medical Research Institute Inc. (see But the result of this study is still unknown because the information has not been verified recently.

I think the far infrared radiation is not sure to cure erectile dysfunction for the reasons that cause ED vary and are complicated. But it can very possible improve and enhance the erection quality by FIR raying the prostate area,perineum and penis-erection-related areas.

Stop acid reflux – Avoid having too much green tea / caffeinated drinks

It has been two days that I found myself had acid reflux. I felt a sour taste going up along the esophagus to mouth. I thought a while what I have eaten and drunk these two days, the difference to two days ago it’s that I drank lots of green tea. But as a common sense, green tea is alkaline and it should neutralize the stomach acid instead of causing acid reflux. How can green tea cause acid reflux?

I searched and read some articles. Now I can confirm it’s green tea that cause my acid reflux. Green tea contain methylxanthines, methylxanthines will loosen a band of muscles called the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), which normally form a tight seal to keeps stomach acid from splashing up into the esophagus. One study conducted in
Japan demonstrated that People who often drank green tea to have acid reflux up to 1.5 times as those who did not drink green tea.

By the way, I found an article of “How to Cure Acid Reflux with Green Tea” saying some benefits of green tea and it’s good to handle acid reflux. This is very wrong and my experience told me that green tea may cause acid reflux.

People who suffer stomach problems shouldn’t drink green tea or caffeinated drinks (Caffeine is one form of methylxanthines). Also don’t drink too much green tea/coffee too much one time even you never have a stomach problem before.

I use tea tree oil to treat athlete’s foot

A few days ago, I found toes of my left foot were itchy. Firstly I thought it’s because of mosquito bites, but later I found all the 5 toes of left foot were itchy and peeling without red swollen points caused by mosquito bites. I guessed my toes were infected by fungus.

athlete's foot

I searched the symptom online, and now I know it’s called “Athlete’s foot” because athletes often get it. The fungus grows on the damp, warm surfaces around pools, public showers, and locker rooms. Athletes often walk barefoot on these surfaces and easily get infected with fungus to suffer “Athlete’s foot”. So I got “Athlete’s foot” may because recently I walked barefoot in the grass field and my bath room.

But it’s not that difficult for me to handle these fungus, I have tea tree oil, a very strong natural antiseptic from Australia, that I ever used to handle toenail infection (paronychia) effectively. For this problem, I smeared the infected toes with tea tree oil for only one time, and next day the itch stopped!