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I use tea tree oil to treat athlete’s foot

A few days ago, I found toes of my left foot were itchy. Firstly I thought it’s because of mosquito bites, but later I found all the 5 toes of left foot were itchy and peeling without red swollen points caused by mosquito bites. I guessed my toes were infected by fungus. I searched the symptom online,… Read More »

How To Use Tea Tree Oil

I bought tea tree oil and have been using it in handling slight cutting/wounds on my fingers and toes to avoid infection like paronychia. It’s very effective as a home remedy to treat little problems that are slight cuttings and  skin problems like acne and psoriasis. But tea tree oil is a very strong irritative oil that… Read More »

Treat swollen gum with ginseng

When you find a swelling in your gum, it’s very possible you just ate “hot food”. The “hot food” is a traditional Chinese medical concept, refers to fried food and barbecued food that occur poisonous matters under a very hot condition. When people eat “hot food”, they may suffer swollen gum and pimples in the face. Some traditional… Read More »

How to detox your body? MCP and NDF

Detoxification is to remove toxic substances from your body. The toxic substances include heavy metal, chemicals and pesticides that are from food and living environment. Heavy metals exists in human’s body come from mild environmental exposure. Mercury can be from dental fillings and contaminated water. Cadmium can be found in cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes,  Lead is used in pesticides,… Read More »

Use garlic to stop toothache

Toothache is very painful, but usually only lasts 20~30 minutes. But recently I got a toothache and it lasted for more than two hours, and the pain seemed not going to stop! I would rather die than bearing the pain! It’s very late in the evening, I tried to search online ways to stop the pain… Read More »

How to choose the right vitamin E

Vitamin E is a very potent fat-soluble antioxidant that protects your cells from damaging free radicals, it may protect against cancer,reduce the risk of heart disease. It’s a very affordable but very effective dietary supplement. I often bought vitamin E for my mother. But one time when I searched Vitamin E product in, I noticed… Read More »