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Bad breath And The Root Causes

About bad breath Bad breath, also called “halitosis” or “oral malodor”, is a symptom that an unpleasant odor is present on the exhaled breath. Bad breath makes people feel embarrassed and is now the third most frequent reason for people to seek dental care after tooth decay and gum disease. It’s estimated that 30~40% of the general… Read More »

Treat Paronychia Caused By Ingrown Toenail (Onychocryptosis)

A paronychia is a nail disease due to a fungal infection on a small wound at the side of a toenail. We can treat the infection with tea tree oil or something else that can kill fungi. It’s simple if your small wound is only because a careless toenail cutting. But for the paronychia caused by… Read More »

Fix a denture (false tooth) in place with adhesive

I lost my invisible denture and I went to the dentist for re-making a new one. The dentist was going to make a mould of my teeth and sending it to the other city to make the new one. I told the dentist that I wanted the new one as soon as possible due to… Read More »

Proper care makes the ALS patients live longer

The life expectancy of an AlS patient is ususally 2-5 years from the time of diagnosis. But it is variable with different conditions of the disease and the care to the patient. Some people with poor financial condition cannot offer expensive medicine and/or with less family care would die soon within 1-3 years. But with a… Read More »

Use vapor to moisten your eyes

When using eyes too often on computer, reading books and watching videos, eyes will become tired with symptons of pain and/or out-of-focus. Also, along with aging, dry eye easily occurs, it occurs when the eye does not produce tears properly or consistently. For such eye disorders, people would like to use eye drops that would offer… Read More »

Color spots on the ribs area below the armpits

One day I found suddenly in the mirror when in bathing that some color spots appeared on the ribs area below my armpits. The color spots were light tan and round with 1-2 cm in diameter. I worried firstly that age spots appeared finally… But I was not that old and the age spots should be… Read More »

Toenails detached from the nail beds after hiking

People who like and often hike a long distance will get the chance of the whole piece of toenail detaching. The mechanism is very simple: When going downwards along the mountain road, the toes stub the inside top of the shoe, the toenail tip will often be pushed backwards and cause the nail detaching. When back… Read More »

Use citronella oil to repel mosquitos and bugs

When you do meditation in grass field or take a hike outside, how would you handle the mosquitos and bugs? Many people would wear a mosquito repellent wristband or apply some mosquito repellent stickers on the backpack or pants. These are actually workable, but considering these products can repel mosquito and bugs because they are infused with citronella oil, why don’t… Read More »