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Can Far Infrared Radiation Help To Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Far Infrared Radiation is a popular therapy that has been used widely in fat loss, skin disorders, and detoxification for it can penetrates into the skin & muscles to creates the heating to expand capillaries to increase blood circulation / flow. Also, some people are using this therapy to treat erectile dysfunction. The penis erection… Read More »

Terminal dribbling – The symptom and treatments

Terminal dribbling is a urine flow problem for men. After passing urine, The man wiggle his penis with fingers to make sure the urine flow completely stop, but a few more drops can still come out after a while. Some studies show the terminal dribbling is assiaciated with prostate issues or urinary tract infection that may… Read More »

Erectile dysfunction caused by heavy metal toxins

ED, erectile dysfunction, is the failure to achieve an erection that are hard enough to have sex. Before it was commonly believed to be because of psychological problems, but it’s now widely known that most erectile dysfunction is actually caused by physical problems that are usually related to the blood supply of the penis. And most of the causes are neurologic. Heavy metal… Read More »