Color spots on the ribs area below the armpits

By | July 22, 2016

One day I found suddenly in the mirror when in bathing that some color spots appeared on the ribs area below my armpits. The color spots were light tan and round¬†with 1-2 cm in diameter. I worried firstly that age spots appeared finally… But I was not that old and the age spots should be on my face and hands first. Then I worried if it’s indicating some disease, and decided to see a doctor.

The doctor observed my color spots and told me it’s because of my sweat that causing the bacteria accumulation. I often slept in a stuffy condition, and the sweat stayed long in the ribs area below armpit and bred the bacteria. He suggested that I should wash often and just don’t let sweat stay long somewhere of my body. Finally I got a bacteria-removal gel from the hospital with very little money. According to the instruction, I smeared the gel on the color spots when in bathing, let the gel stayed for a few minutes, then cleaned them with water. The color spots disappeared after only two times!

So when color spots appear on the body, don’t worry too much, it may be caused by sweat-related bacteria. But be aware that this is one of the possibilities, still need to see a doctor ASAP.