Do the cupping job by yourself easily

By | November 3, 2016

About cupping

Cupping can release and even remove some pains and discomforts. This has been experienced by many Chinese for hundreds of years. Some “experts” said “Cupping is a pseudoscience. There is no good evidence it has any beneficial health effects, and some risk that it may be harmful.”,  that’s very possible because they never try cupping or they do the cupping job wrongly. In my eyes, these “experts” themselves are a pseudoscience for such a such a irresponsible saying.

But how on earth does a cupping job make effect? Some people try to explain it with modern scientic knowledge. Actually no any explanation is convincible. The basic theory by traditional Chinese medicine is the cupping can suck the moisture and toxins out of the body (the moisture is a concept considered as a evil thing), thus remove the disease. It’s hard to make clear what and how about these moisture and toxins. Anyway, the practices with correct cupping jobs have been making people pass over pains/discomforts without any side effect or harm for a long history.

How to do the cupping job

The cupping is to place one or some cups on your back, remove the air out of the cup to cause a vacuum, so the cups can suck on the skin. The cupping position is as below photo:

The cupping position

There are many ways to do the cupping job with different cups and different ways to get out the air. Here I am going to tell 2 simple ways:

Way 1. Buy a cupping tool set, extract the air manually.  This is a modern, safe and convinent way to do the cupping job. By the way, “massage” is often used in the title or description of such a commodity. But please be noted that cupping is not a massage. It may be because the producer / provider itself doesn’t understand what the cupping is for.

The cupping tool set

Way 2. If you don’t have such a tools set for your personal condition, use the very traditional fire cupping. Use a cotton ball soaked with alcohol, burn it and place it into a cup, the heat make the air inside the cup become thin. Take the burning cotton out and place quickly the cup upside down on the skin. Then the cup sucks on the skin.

Fire Cupping -1

Fire Cupping -2

Some points need to be noted for a correct cupping job

The wrong way to do the cupping will deteriorate your pains and discomforts. So we need to be aware of the below points.

  1. Don’t let the wind blow you and don’t get cold during the cupping job. The pores of your skin are in an open status and last for some time because of cupping, the wind and cold will be evil at this moment (in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine). If the evil wind or coldness goes into your body through the cupping area, your health become worse!
  2. Don’t bath right after a cupping job because you would easily get cold during the bath, also the skin of cupping area will easily be broken and get infected for the rubbing. It’s usually suggested to take a bath at least 3 hours after a cupping job.
  3. The cupping time should be less than 10 minutes in case a damage to your skin. The exact cupping time length should be according to the way and tools you adopt (based on your feeling and observation).