Erectile dysfunction caused by heavy metal toxins

By | March 28, 2016

ED, erectile dysfunction, is the failure to achieve an erection that are hard enough to have sex. Before it was commonly believed to be because of psychological problems, but it’s now widely known that most erectile dysfunction is actually caused by physical problems that are usually related to the blood supply of the penis. And most of the causes are neurologic. Heavy metal poisoning is one of the neurologic causes to the erectile dysfunction.

Nowadays, people get more and more chances in the exposure of polluted environment with heavy metals. Our body intake heavy metals, such as lead and mercury , from car exhaust, gas fumes, cleaners, pesticides, paints and etc. These heavy metals can breach the intestinal barrier and blood-brain, cause a damage to the nerves that are related to sex response and ability. This may explain why the number of people who suffer ED has increased greatly for recent years.

For ED problem due to heavy metal toxins, Chelator therapy can help to restore sexual functionality. The doctors feed the patients with chelating agents, the agents chelate/bind to toxic heavy metals and take them out of circulation by urine. For common consumers, they can get the hevay metal chelators, such as MCP, NDF and EDTA, in a supplementary store.  ( For MCP and NDF, please read How to detox your body? MCP and NDF )

On the other hand, the heavy metal toxins may be built up in some body organs, during a cleanse, the toxins will be released into the circulation. At this situation, you need a chealtor solution to bind and trap those toxins, also you should drink plenty of water to get these toxins out with the urine immediately. If not, the released heavy metals will go to other organs to cause other problems or pass through the blood-brain to cause more serious problems, such as erectile dysfunction.