Fix a denture (false tooth) in place with adhesive

By | March 23, 2017

I lost my invisible denture and I went to the dentist for re-making a new one. The dentist was going to make a mould of my teeth and sending it to the other city to make the new one. I told the dentist that I wanted the new one as soon as possible due to my personal reason this time, the dentist thought a while and said she could “make” a denture by herself and fit it into my mouth right away, so that I didn’t need to wait for the new invisible denture, and also the denture couldn’t be remove like the invisible denture.

It’s the first time I heard such a thing. I don’t quiet believe the dentist’s workmanship, but she said the price was just the half of the invisible denture, this reduced my worry that if the she-made denture fail to last a long time or I take it off if I cannot accept it, I wouldn’t lost too much money. So I accept her idea.

The dentures were actually already made. She just choose one of them that matches my “empty”, and then she used some kind of adhesive to hold the denture in place. The adhesive were applied across my two natural teeth at the left and right to get the support. I felt a pungent taste like thinner when the material dripped to my tongue during
the process. And after that, I found the “adhesive material” was actually the filling resin for the broken teeth.

The she-made fixed denture is better than the invisible denture for me. The invisible denture has two large supportive covers on the gum that irritage my tongue because it’s my upper front tooth, I just couldn’t get used to the irritation and I only wore it when I was out to meet others. But this fixed denture has much smaller supportive extending to cause much less irritation to my tongue, so I can accept it to stay in my mouth all the time.

Now I think it’s a good option for the people who can not accept the below solutions to their missing teeth:

  1. Grind the left and right teeth to make a dental bridge to support the denture. This would destroy two good teeth for installing a false tooth.
  2. Make a hole in the jawbone to implant a denture.
  3. Wearing a removable invisible denture, but the denture has two big supportive covers to irritate the tongue if it’s a upper front tooth. Also, the denture may fall off during a chewing action that happened to me before.

The disadvantage of such a denture fixed by “adhesive” may be not that firm as an implanted tooth, you need to be careful in chewing food. My fixed denture stays good after 40 days to now, and then I share my this experience here.

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