How to detox your body? MCP and NDF

By | March 8, 2016

Detoxification is to remove toxic substances from your body. The toxic substances include heavy metal, chemicals and pesticides that are from food and living environment.

Heavy metals exists in human’s body come from mild environmental exposure. Mercury can be from dental fillings and contaminated water. Cadmium can be found in cigarette smoke and exhaust fumes,  Lead is used in pesticides, paints, cosmetics and children’s toys… These heavy metals can contribute to serious health problems. People may also intake by chances the chemicals and pesticides from polluted food and water.

Some articles are suggesting drinking more water and/or eating fruits for 7 days, these ideas may be a little helpful to prevent toxic substances, but really make no sense in removing heavy metals and chemicals that are exist in your bloodstream.  There are two products as I know can help to detox your body naturally and safely.

Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP)

Modified Citrus Pectin

Natural pectin is a sugary carbohydrate found in fruits, it can bind to heavy metals that exist in the food eaten inside the intestinal tract and stomach, and carry them out of your body together with excretion. But natural pectin can not pass through the intestinal barrier and not able to excrete the heavy metals in your blood. So scientists modify nature pectin by some way into low molecular weight pectin that can go through the intestinal barrier and take away the heavy metals exist in the blood by urinary excretion. We call this product as Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP). MCP is natural, safe and popular to detox heavy metals. We can buy it easily online or at many supplement stores.

I read a guy’s article about feeding MCP to his child. He checked his child’s heavy metal level of blood before feeding him MCP, and checked his child’s blood again after feeding MCP for one month, the result was satisfied with the heavy metal lowered a lot comparing before.  This is a good way to verify whether MCP is workable for you or not.

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NDF from BioRay Inc.


NDF is a product of BIORAY who says itself “The Natural Detox Company”. This company specializes in producing detoxifiers.

The working theory of NDF is mainly the feature of chlorella. Chlorella was firstly discovered in the mining industry for it’s heavy metal binding power. The miners pumped large quantity of  chlorella with water  into mine shafts, and then collected the metals bound by chlorella. But chlorella can not be used directly for people’s removal  of heavy metals because people need to consume chlorella at about 60% of their body weight to achieve a good result. But NDF features a process that provides a massive increase in the concentration of the chlorella cell wall that binds to the metals and chemicals, its chlorella achieves a metal-binding capability of at least a 50 fold increased comparing with regular chlorella.

The chlorella of NDF chelates heavy metals and chemicals very efficiently, and drain them out with urine.

>>>See more about NDF at iHerb.

Compare MCP and NDF

Comparing with MCP who is a single pure ingredient, NDF is a much more complicated mixture including chlorella, some herbs and PolyFlor cell wall lysates. But NDF features more benefits than MCP including the below two points.

  • NDF can cross the blood brain barrier and eliminates brain fog to increases vitality, energy & focus while MCP hasn’t been reported able to penetrate the blood brain barrier.
  • NDF can bind to chemicals (PCB’s, dioxin) and pesticides, such as Lindane.

NDF is more expensive than MCP in the market but provide your body a complete detoxication. And for children or people who don’t consider themselves highly polluted, MCP may be a good option for its better price and more reliable purity.