How to do moxibustion by yourself

By | April 29, 2014

Moxibustion is a treatment which is to burn moxa as a heat stimulation on or near some certain points of the skin. Before I tell about the ways to do moxibustion, I think I need to introduce some basic “certain points” here. I may just tell how to find the points and how to do moxibustion on these points, actually the explanations about each moxibustion point are often different, the best way to understand them is just to do moxibustion on them and feel by yourself how your body response.


Some basic knowlege for your first moxibustion

  “3 inches” is a chinese medicine concept which is used for locating some “certain points”. It’s your 4 fingers’s width(not including the thumb). So you can see each one has different “3 inches”.

 Zhongyuan point:  3 inches above the navel

This point is related to your stomach, liver and intestine, when applying direct moxibustion on this point, I often heard berborigmo, and I had a instant good appetite, it’s good for digestion and prevents constipation.

Guanyuan point:  3 inches under the navel

This is a very important point, it collects and stores human’vital energy.

Qihai point: in the middle between navel and guanyuan point

Some moxibustion doctors said this point occurs the vital energy

The gate of vitality:  it’s on the back right behind the navel

You can see how it important from its name!

points-locationThe gate of vitality



The ways to do moxibustion:

1> Direct moxibustion: Make moxa into small cones, place these cones onto the certain points and burn them into ash.  This is the most effective way to cure disease and make body healthy. My belly reduced obviously after 10 days’ direct moxibustion! And I became more energetic after two months’ direct moxibustion combined with the exercise of swimming 2~3 times per week.

The main position points I did direct moxibustion were: Zhongyuan, Guanyuan and Qihai, usually I burned about 20 small cones on each point.

Please note that direct moxibustion would cause burn and pain, and the burn marks would remain on your body all your life. Usually I don’t suggest people to do direct moxibustion although it’s very effective within a very short time. Especially for the people who are weak, this way is too hard for them to bear. So if you just want to have a common healthcare, I suggest indirect moxibustion which may also cure some diseases and keep your body healthy.

2> Indirect moxibustion: Actually there are many ways to do indirect moxibustion: Hanging the burning moxa stick over to heat certain certain points of body; Putting the burn moxa into a box and put the box onto the certain points of body; Putting ginger slices in between burning moxa piece and body…As I experienced, the convenient and effective way is to put the burning moxa into a box and put the box onto the certain points of body. By this way, I cured my bad cold after putting the box on my back along the spondyle from top to bottom. Also by this way, I removed my comfortlessness and fatigue after putting the box on my Zhongyuan, Navel, Qihai and Guanyuan points (Please note that people’s navels are also a very important moxibustion point)

Indirect Moxibustion

Now take your first time on a healthcare moxibustion!

After the long story of the above, I make two pictures to show how I remove my comfortlessness with indirect moxibustion by using a wood box on my back and belly, the yellow squres show the positions on where you should put the wooden box with burning moxa inside. The priority to do the positions is from back to front(belly), left to right, and up to bottom. (Do the moxibustion on your back first, then to do it on your belly)

onback indirect-box


Tools for indirect moxibustion with wooden box:

Note firstly: the moxibustion tools are mainly the wooden box and the moxa rolls that can be purchased on some Chinese stores or some online shops (Others can be easily found at home).

1.  A wooden box for mosibustion

Wooden box

2.  A tweezer to nip the short moxa sticks to burned by a ligher then put the burning moxa into the wooden box


3.  Moxa stickers, usually I use 1~2 long moxa sticks each time, I cut the long sticks into short sticks (about 3 cm in length)


4.  A lighter



1.  Don’t get cold when doing moxibustion, don’t let the wind blow you directly!

2.  Be careful of the fire, extinguish all the fire points inside the wooden box after moxibustions.

3.  Consult your doctor to see if your skin is allergic to moxa oil and heat.

4.  Don’t be too hungry or full when doing mostibustion. Better to drink some water before moxibustion.


Buy the necessary tools for moxibustion

By here, if you are still unable to take your first moxibustion, it may because you don’t have the tools,  tweezer and lighter are easy to find in the stores nearby, you can buy the moxibustion box and moxibustion sticks in some online shops or the stores owned by Chinese.

Five Chen Pure Moxa Rolls for Moxibustion (2 Boxes for 20 Rolls)

“Five Chen” means 5 years, the traditional Chinese doctors believe that the moxa is better to store in the warehouse for 3 or 5 years to achieve better curative effect. 


2-Hole Bamboo Moxa Box for Moxa Rolls

I like to use wooden box instead of bamboo becasue bamboo is heavier, but there’s no wooden moxibustion box can be searched in,  I guess it may due to import quarantine or just because the importer consider bamboo are better looking and popular. Since only Bamboo boxes are available, I don’t suggest 3 holes or 4 holes boxes which are even heavier.