Meditation cured my diseases of plantarfasciitis and gonarthritis

By | March 25, 2016

I did meditation at two periods: when I was a high school student and when I was about 40 years old. Not long for each time, but I found some diseases related to my joint and muscle disappeared after meditation. I searched in google with keywords “can mediation cure diseases”, I did get some positive articles about that, but most are talking “yes, meditation can cure what what…” or “a Tibetan lama said he he cured himself some diseases through meditation” … Now here I am sharing my own experiences that meditation cured my diseases.

About meditation

Before telling my story, I want to tell briefly my understanding about meditation, that is “how I do meditation”. Meditation is just to empty your mind (you can sit down or stand up, but just don’t think), if you just can not stop your brain’s activity completely, you can put your attention to your body status like your breath or part of your body (observe your presence).

Now the below is my stories about meditation.

Meditation and gonarthritis

When I was a high school student, I was shortsighted and I tried many ways to cured my eyes’ problem. One of the ways is “qigong” that is actually a traditional Chinese meditation. I heard “qigong” can cure shortsighted eyes, so I bought a book whose name is “Qigong cure shortsighted eyes” and just do according to the books: put my body in a posture of standing and try to empty my mind. The first two days I did meditation for no more than 10 mintures, and just felt my legs numb. But the 3rd day, during meditation, I suddently felt a magnetic powder went up from my feet to my head making my body rolling. The rolling was fierce to make me dizzy. This was an amazing experience and encouraged me to continue the meditation. For the later meditation jobs, I got different experiences, such as

  • A vibiation pulse from feet, along my spine, to my neck.
  • When I put 2 palms towards each other, the two hands were in a magnetic field and became “magnets”: my two hands attracted each other when I pull them away, but they excluded each other when I slightly push them closer.
  • My legs get hot (this is the point I think meditation cured my gonarthritis later)

It’s due to my busy studying for the entrance to university. I just did meditation for 1-2 weeks, I could feel my eyes clearer than before, but it returned to before status after some time because I no longer continued doing meditation. Only after a few years, I realized my knee joints no longer painful when meeting bad weather, I tried to recall when such a problem disappeared, it’s just after I did the meditation. I still cannot 100% convinced myself that meditation worked for my gonarthritis until my plantarfasciitis disappeared after meditation when I was 40 years.

Meditation and plantarfasciitis

I got plantarfasciitis after a long and hard hiking. The bottom of my feet where at the edge of heel felt pain when walking or when waking up in the morning. I searched about plantarfasciitis and found it’s a problem that’s hard to cure.

I started again doing meditation not because of plantarfasciitis. Just my interest came back to meditation. This time I constantly did meditation 30-60 minutes each day for about 3 months. But I found my feet bottoms no longer painful when woke up in the morning after the first few days of meditation!

Considering the before gonarthritis, I believed it’s due to meditation that my plantarfasciitis had gone!

Why meditation can cure diseases.

Let me explain it briefly after some books I read and the meditation jobs I has practised. The Human body itself is much more powerful than our imagination to heal itself. People suffer diseases mostly for over-using their bodies or their over-thinking make their brain lose the capability to care the body and lead the body to a normal running status. The body over-using and over-thinking make people lose their balance. When imbalance occurs, people’s body suffer disorders! During the mediation, people stop thinking and worrying, without the mental interference, the “original me” begin to work normally again and activate / enhance power of the body self healing.