Meditation shapes my body

By | March 25, 2016

Many body-shaping shops help people to shape their bodies by teaching them Yoga. And Yoga often works if people do it hard. But actually many of the people just don’t really understand how Yoga help them with their bodies. These body-shaping shops often teach people some Yoga courses that requires people to bend or stretch their bodies to a extreme degree. It’s said actually people can meditate easier when they bend or stretch their bodies to a extreme degree. People may consider bending and stretching are the exercises to shape their bodies. But actually it’s due to meditation.


If bending or stretching the body to a  extreme degree that risks possible injuries to muscles and joints are the exercises that can shape our body, why not just go to run slowly or swim? My meditation experience told me meditation can balance the body not too fat and not too thin. My belly fat was actually reduced and the belly became flat and solid after doing meditation for about 3 months. Like what I mentioned in my other article of Meditation cured my diseases of plantarfasciitis and gonarthritis, The Human body itself is much more powerful than our imagination to heal itself,  when doing meditation to exclude mental interference, the “original me” begins to work normally again and activate / enhance power of the body self healing. This body self-healing powder also balance your body shape to correct the problem of “too fat” or “too thin”.

After my meditation of about 3 months, not only some of my disorders related to muscle and joints disappeared, but also I found my belly became flat and solid instead of before belly fat while I didn’t do physical exercises at the same time. This makes me remind of the popular body-shaping by doing Yoga. The essence of Yoga is just “meditation”. Since meditation is doing good to body shaping, sitting quietly and emptying your mind can shape your body well in addition to doing extreme exercises.


Say again briefly in the below three points:

  1. Bending or stretching your body may help you to enter the meditation status easier.
  2. Meditation can help to balance & shape your body.
  3. If you don’t want to risk any injury or don’t have time to go to body-shaping shop to take the training. You can just sit like a Buddhist monk and do the meditation.