Mindfulness Meditation And OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)

By | May 25, 2016

Meditation, a means of transforming the mind, has been practiced by some people to prove workable in alleviating or even curing mental problem of OCD(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder).

Meditation and OCD

Why is mindfulness meditation?

Actually the Buddhist meditation is just to empty your mind ( think nothing), it stresses on the spirit instead of body. The mindfulness meditation is the practice way of Taoism who is a local religion of China while Buddhism is a foreign religion from ancient India. The Taoism’s meditation is a complete system that’s for both spirit and body’s health. Based on my practice experience, mindfulness meditation is a practice concept of Taoism, but I don’t rule out the possibility that it may be also the practice way of some other religions or organizations. Mindfulness meditation has not only been proven by some people to treat OCD effectively, but also cured my diseases of plantarfasciitis and gonarthritis, see my related article of http://www.healthcarenote.net/meditation-cured-my-diseases-of-plantarfasciitis-and-gonarthritis/. So I believe mindfulness meditation will do good in treating OCD.

How mindfulness meditation treat OCD?

People who are suffering OCD will always or often worry / fear one to unlimited objects or events. And this worry / fear is obsessive or compulsive. You can not stop such a worry / fear, your mind is very messy and sad. At this time, mindfulness meditation can help you to stop recalling the past and worrying the future, no longer fear the concrete object that has been bothering you. Your mind focuses on your presence, your attention is on yourself. You get the chance of knowing who you are and your need is not “fear”! So you can see the mindfulness meditation is actually contradicting the disgusting OCD.

How to do mindfulness meditation?

It’s very simple to do mindfulness meditation: find a quiet place and sit down, close your eyes and just begin to meditate. Empty your messy thoughts that are from living. Put attention on your whole body, your organs, your breath and your blood coursing. Experience carefully your presence.

By the way, I here want to point out that the environment is not that important for doing meditation. It’s just better to have a place that’s quiet and with fresh air. Also, some meditation experts may teach or suggest you the ways like how to breathe from belly and put your legs at a professional position. These are actually the shortcuts to make you have some special experiences sooner and be happy to continue the practice. Shortcuts are not necessary! The point is meditation!