My experience about moxibustion

By | April 22, 2014

I am writing to share my experience about moxibustion because I got a great benefit from moxibustion by my self-study and practice. It took me only 10 days to see the obvious reduction of my belly’s fat and made me much more energetic than before after 2 month’s moxibustion. Actually I never heard that effect before I took moxibustion by myself. I was just interested in traditional Chinese medicine, my body and spirit were both in a very bad situation and I hope Chinese medicine can help (just hope, never expected too much). During that period, I studied and took moxibustion all by myself. I did lots of efforts and finally became much more healthy than before!

Before telling my story, it may be necessary to tell some concepts about acupuncture and moxibustion.

Acupuncture is a treatment which to manipulate by hand the thin metallic needles to penetrate and stimulate some certain points of the skin.

Moxibustion is another treatment which is to burn moxa as a heat stimulation on or near some certain points of the skin.

Usually acupuncture and moxibustion are used as a combination treatment to achieve the greater effect.

Now the below is my story about Chinese Medicine- moxibustion.

I bought some acupuncture needles and read some books, but finally I didn’t try it because I couldn’t accept puncturing the needles into my fresh by myself, so I went to a Chinese medicine hospital to take acupuncture treatment, the doctor punctured my belly and my back with needles to make me healthy and eliminate the comfortlessness, it did make me comfortable, and during that course of the treatment (3 times/week, 2 weeks), I found my appetite was not good and my belly seemed a little smaller than before. I read an article which was written by the first king of ancient China whose name was “Huangdi”, He said in his article “ I love my people, my people contribute tax to support this country but they are poor and often got diseases. I want to help them, but I don’t want to adopt the expensive medicine which may be also harmful to your bodies in other aspects. So I am going to use acupuncture and moxibustion to make the vital energy go through the veins of the human body to eliminate the evil out of the body and make the body full of positive energy,thus remove the disease or release the pain” (It’s my personal translation… hope it’s clear for you to understand : -) ), Huangdi also said “When there’s a disease that acupuncture cannot handle, use moxibustion”, Other some ancient Chinese medicine books also mentioned that moxa fire (moxibustion) can cure many diseases and eliminate the evil(negative energy). So I put all my attention on moxibustion. I tried moxibustion for about 2 months, during those two months, my appetite became better and I ate more than before, but my belly reduced very fast! My weight was from 81kg to 67kg. Not limited to the fat-reduction, I became much more energetic than before, the most convinced experience was that I would be exhausted with sweating all over after climbing to the peak of a mountain, but after 2 months’ moxibustion + swimming, I just felt like just walking around after I reached the peak of the mountain! During the moxibustion, I kept swimming about 3 times a week, swimmed continuously40 minutes for each time. But before doing moxibustion, I had been swimming for one year, so I believed it’s mainly because of moxibustion. Also, moxibustion combined with exercises like swimming will make things go much better. By the way, swimming is the best sport which exercise yourself without harming your joints and muscle.

By here, you may wonder why acupuncture made my appetite became bad to eat less to reduce my belly while moxibustion made me better appetite to eat more food and reduced my belly fat? I believe that’s because moxibustion changed my body character. Different people have different body character. Thin people are always thin even they eat much food while fat guys are always fat even they eat less, it’s all due to people’s body character, your body character determines you fat or thin. With my amazing experience, I think moxibustion can change your body character to make your body become balanced (So I believe moxibustion is better than acupuncture). If you still don’t understand my concept of balance, I show you another example: I have a friend who’s very weak and thin, and he became strong with his body weight from less than 50kg to 56kg half an year after I introduced him to do moxibustion by himself. So you can see fat guys reduce fat and thin guys increase their weight because moxibustion can balance people’s body situations. A Chinese medicine theory says people get sick because their body lose balance (Did you ever dream that you were always unbalanced to do something when you got a bad cold? I often had such dreams!), so now when I get a bad cold or fell very uncomfortable due to I ate something very hot, I just use moxibustion in a wood box on my back and belly, I will be healthy again after taking one or two moxibustion courses.

In my other articles, I will tell about how to do moxibustion.