Rhodiola helps treating insomnia

By | January 28, 2019

Rhodiola is an amazing plant that’s reported on / to many benefits of people’s health . But the well-known goodness is to increase the oxygen content of blood , so some people are used to take Rhodiola a few days before going to a high altitude place to overcome the altitude sickness . We know the oxygen is thinner in the high altitude place .

By this way , we know Rhodiola should be good for the people that suffer a heart and/or brain thrombotic disease . And actually my mother and me more or less have the problem of heart and/or brain thrombotic disease which make us get headache and hard to go to asleep sometimes . So I bought some Rhodiola roots to cook with water , after drinking the Rhodiola water , we have an unexpected finding that we slept easily and well while we just wanted the benefit of getting rid of headache and also might help my mother’s irregular heart beat . Very soon and obviously that the Rhodiola offered us a good sleep . For example , we drank the Rhodiola water at noon the first time , then we felt sleepy and could go to sleep right away at the noon rest.

Rhodiola helps treating insomnia

The Rhodiola root slices I bought for treating insomnia

It’s said some people suffered from insomnia after taking the Rhodiola. If really so , I think it’s because these people don’t have a cardiovascular problem and Rhodiola make them more energetic and somewhat exciting . But for people that are suffering from insomnia due to a cardiovascular problem , Rhodiola helps making a good blood circulation of brain, when the brain works normally again , people who have been sleepless for some time will feel sleepy and sleep easily . Actually , Rhodiola’s help for sleep is obvious in the first few days of taking it , it no longer makes people sleepy when people sleep normally . This means Rhodiola help to balance the body and as a compensation to the lack of sleep.  So it takes an obvious effect to make people be sleepy and sleep well the first days , and then runs into a regular sleep .

By the way , Rhodiola also treated headache caused by a cardiovascular problem of brain by our experiences .