The Effective Ways To Lose Belly Fat

By | June 22, 2016

There are actually many ways to lose your belly fat. The most popular way is to do hard exercise and at the same time eat some pills that help to “burn” your fat. But this still costs more time and not that effective comparing with the ways of meditation and moxibustion.

Why mediation and moxibustion can help to reduce belly fat?

People thin or fat are mainly because their specific physiques ( body characters). Some people get fat very easily because they have fat physiques. These people are fat even they eat less. They can slim down by doing lots of  exercise after a long time, but bounce back easily if they don’t go on their exercise. So if we can change our physique to a balanced status, then the body can slim down automatically even you eat more.

Now the question is “how to change our physique to a blananced status”? Meditation and/or moxibustion! Meditation can calm down your mind, put your mind on your present body activities. Your mind help a perfectly ordered body system; The moxibustion can guide your vital energy going smoothly in your body along some specific routes by heat some specific points on the body, these running vital energies can put your body in a good condition that we call “balance”. As for my experience, meditation and moxibustion are not only to reduce my belly fat, but also removing some discomforts on joints and muscle due to meditation and moxibustion have put my body into a balanced status. The human body has a very powerful self-healing ability when your body is running in a good condition that we called “balance”.

If yo don’t do it by yourself, you never know if it works! But why should I risk wasting my time to try one thing that’s just told by someone else? It really risks because you cost time and energy to do mediation or moxibustion and not sure if you get paid for the efforts. But I can ensure you that you risk less by doing mediation or moxibustion because I myself tried them before and my belly fat reduced very quickly. And an extra note is that I didn’t know mediation or moxibustion can help to lose belly fat before I tried them.

How to do meditation or moxibustion to reduce belly fat?

I really tried myself on doing meditation and moxibustion, and wrote some articles about them that may be helpful for you.

My experience about moxibustion

Meditation shapes my body

Meditation and moxibustion, which one is better for losing belly fat?

Generally, direct moxibustion can reduce belly fat greatly in a shorter time that you can feel and see your belly fat going down within 2 weeks, but it’s to place the mugwort directly on your skin and burn, it’s painful! Indirect moxibustion can help but it need about 3~9 months to see the effect. Also moxibustion need some tools and materials though those are simple.

Meditation don’t requires tools and materials, you just need to find a quiet place and sit down to meditate. It may take 1-2 months that you can see your belly fat is losing. The difficult is that meditation can be a bit hard to calm down your mind in the beginning. But it goes better and better when you insist on doing that everyday.

My personal experience and suggestion is: doing meditation first for it’s easy to start instead of requiring tools, materials and some knowledge of acupuncture points;If possible, you can try moxibustion later when the conditions are available. I found a mutual promotion between meditation and moxibustion based on my practical experience.