Treat Paronychia Caused By Ingrown Toenail (Onychocryptosis)

By | April 26, 2017

A paronychia is a nail disease due to a fungal infection on a small wound at the side of a toenail. We can treat the infection with tea tree oil or something else that can kill fungi. It’s simple if your small wound is only because a careless toenail cutting. But for the paronychia caused by ingrown toenail (Onychocryptosis), the ingrown toenail continuously cuts the side of nail bed and continuously cause the wound that takes a fungal infection. The paronychia never stop no matter what kinds of antimicrobial agents you are using until you correct the ingrown toenail.

Here I am sharing a useful and effective experience that I learned from a discussion forum about paronychia caused by ingrown toenail.

We know the problem is that the toenail grows towards (into) the flesh of nail bed, so we can solve this problem by making the toenail growing outwards. The way is to insert some cottons in between ingrown nail and nail bed, thus the nail grow outwards and no longer cut into the flesh.

1. For the nail can be easily lifted up for inserting with cottons, we are supposed to take a foot bath for softening the nail and nail bed,

A foot bath before treating the paronychia caused by ingrown toenail

If the toenail is still hard for the cotton-insertion after a foot bath, we can grind the middle part of toenail to be thinner, then it would become softer for the later cotton-inserting.

Grind the middle part to make the nail thinner and softer, then it wouldn't be too hard for the cotton-insertion under the nail.

You can use a grinding tool like below, or a knife/file to do the grinding job.

Grinding tools for the toenail

2. Dabbed iodine or tea tree oil on the ingrown area to treat the infection caused by fungi.

3. Insert some cottons under the nail where the part grows inside. You can use a metal pin or toothpick push gently inside the cottons.

Treat the Paronychia caused by ingrown toenail


Treatment for the Paronychia caused by ingrown toenail

4. Change the cotton-insertion every day, don’t forget to apply iodine or tea tree oil. It needs 3 -6 weeks to allow the toenail grow out and cover the nail bed instead of “cutting” into the nail bed.