Treat swollen gum with ginseng

By | March 14, 2016

When you find a swelling in your gum, it’s very possible you just ate “hot food”. The “hot food” is a traditional Chinese medical concept, refers to fried food and barbecued food that occur poisonous matters under a very hot condition. When people eat “hot food”, they may suffer swollen gum and pimples in the face.

swollen gum

Some traditional Chinese herbs can detox these poisonous matters. Ginseng, especially american ginseng, is one of them that can “cool” you down after eating those hot foods. Most western people don’t recognize ginseng’s medical effect. They consider ginseng is something like tea, and they would add some powder of ginseng to the tea or coffee to have that special favor.

ginseng slices

But actually ginseng is a very good remedy including improve your energy and detox the hot food. A few days ago, I found a swelling in my gum, but not painful. I know it’s because of “hot food” I just ate. I happened to have some american ginseng slices, and I put one piece into my mouth, chewed for a while and swallowed. I chewed continuously 5 ginseng slices in total, the swelling became much smaller after 24 hours later. Then I chew 5 more pieces and the swelling disappeared the next day!

Not limited to the swollen gum, when you get other discomforts like pimples in the face or sore throat after eating “hot food”, you can try chewing ginseng slices or drinking ginseng tea. It’s very workable here in China for the symptoms caused by hot foods.

Note: For serious and complicated swelling or sore throat that may be caused by inflammation or other factors, people are supposed to ask a doctor for help.