Treatments for a chipped tooth / a broken tooth: filling, repairing with a crown, dentures, dental bridge and dental implant

By | April 5, 2016

About one year ago, I found one of my front teeth chipped, but I didn’t have a dentist repair it. Now I regret very much not to repair it in time because the chipped tooth was fragile and finally broke into half when chewing hard food!  I was scared to hear that I need to have a porcelain tooth to be installed. The Porcelain tooth itself is not that a big problem. The problem is that someone told me that the dentist will grind the two good teeth next to the broken tooth, then make a 3-porcelain-teeth bridge to put on the two ground teeth. That means: two of my good teeth will be destroyed for repairing one bad teeth. Actually the good teeth are to be ground into half size to fit into the dental bridge providing the support for the false tooth in the middle. I also searched and heard some adverse effects for the ground teeth. This really made me painful and wouldn’t never accept such a way to repair the broken tooth!

Invisible dentures are good for the one who cannot accept good teeth being ground

I continued searching and discussing online, two guys told me that they have invisible dentures installed and the dentures have been working well for even more than ten years in chewing foods that are not too hard. Just bearing the discomfort for one or two weeks, they got used to the dentures. The dentures have a hidden attachment system featuring clear plastic clasps. Two guys’dentures are front teeth and their friends never sensed that they were wearing false teeth! Some times they would take the dentures down for a cleaning, but most of the time they just brush their teeth without taking off the dentures. This is convenient and safe without loss of good teeth comparing with the porcelain dental bridge.

The broken tooth who still has the root remained dosen’t need to be installed with a dental bridge! 

When I was happy to find a solution to avoid the 3 teeth bridge by using an invisible denture. I got a further information in a discussion forum, if I still keep the root of broken tooth,  the dentist can make a tooth pile on the root and install a single porcelain tooth, that means I don’t need to have two nearby good teeth to be ground. This is actually the best solution to me! By the way, the invisible or visible dentures are usually for the people who lost the whole teeth including the teeth roots.

A summary of my studying on repairing teeth for your reference

  • Filling. When one or more of your teeth appear chipped or slight cracked, the dentist will repair them by filling the cavities or the cracked part with resin-based composite or metal amalgam.  The resin-based composite is a natural tooth-colored material that makes your repaired teeth looks like normal. Metal amalgam is a mixture of mercury, silver, tin and copper that is stronger than resin filling, the dentists will use amalgam to fill the big teeth that are for chewing hard foods.
    Tooth filling materials: resin-based composite and metal amalgam
  • Repair a broken tooth with a pile and a crown. It’s for a broken tooth with the remaining root. The dentist can make a pile on the root and install a porcelain crown on it. The tooth root is very important. Having the tooth root, you don’t have to take the porcelain bridge or dental implant. If you just have one tooth broke, don’t hurry to pull the rest out. Consult a qualified doctor showing him your broken tooth. Here I mention “qualified” because some bad doctors will suggest you a porcelain bridge or a dental implant from that they may earn more money even you actually just need a pile built on the tooth root with a crown put on.
    Repair a broken tooth with a pile and a crown
  • Dentures. The denture can be invisible with a clear clasp, or visible with a metal clasp. It can be taken off to be cleaned and put on again by yourself. It’s usually for a guy who lost a whole tooth but don’t want to have a porcelain teeth bridge installed or fear to have a hole drilled on the bone to “plant” a man-made tooth root.
    the invisible denture
  • Porcelain dental bridge.  When missing a whole teeth, the dentist may suggest a porcelain bridge with 2 crowns at sides and a pontic in the middle. It’s due the total empty of the missing tooth, the pontic (the false tooth) need support from left and right sides. So you need to have the teeth next to the missing tooth ground to be fitted into the two crowns, the the pontic can be fixed in position.
    Dental bridge
  • Dental implant. It’s for the whole tooth missing without tooth root. The dentist will drill a hole in your bone and place an implant as the replacement of tooth root. Once you has the “tooth root”, you can have a pile and then have a crown in position. This is a surgical and would cost much more than other solutions like dentures or  a dental bridge.
    Dental implant
  • Fix a denture (false tooth) in place with adhesive. This is my new experience and it is better for me than an invisible denture that’s located in the upper front of my mouth and irritates my tongue. Please see my other article of Fix a denture (false tooth) in place with adhesive.