Use citronella oil to repel mosquitos and bugs

By | July 17, 2015

When you do meditation in grass field or take a hike outside, how would you handle the mosquitos and bugs? Many people would wear a mosquito repellent wristband or apply some mosquito repellent stickers on the backpack or pants. These are actually workable, but considering these products can repel mosquito and bugs because they are infused with citronella oil, why don’t we buy citronella oil directly and make the mosquito repellent by ourselves? It’s money-saving and even more convenient in using: we just need to drip one or two drops on our shoes or in grass filed around where we stay.

According my actual expreience, the chances of being disturbed by bugs and mosquitos are reduced at least 90%. If you appreciate its smell very much, lemongrass oil may have a better flavor for more people and it has the same function of keeping away bugs and mosquitos. It would be a good idea to mix these two oils to achiving a better smell and more power to repel those little flying troubles.

The blow are the oils I bought online. They really help me when doing meditation outdoor.

>>>click here to view more about the oils at iHerb.

oils of repelling mosquitos