Use garlic to stop toothache

By | December 15, 2014

Toothache is very painful, but usually only lasts 20~30 minutes. But recently I got a toothache and it lasted for more than two hours, and the pain seemed not going to stop! I would rather die than bearing the pain! It’s very late in the evening, I tried to search online ways to stop the pain before going to hospital. I did find many ways, and I choose to try garlic. I felt that my toothache is because of inflammation and I happened to have some garlics at home.

I used a knife to cut off some very small pieces of garlic and put them aroung my painful tooth. It took about five minutes to relieve the pain really! And after another five minutes, the toothache stopped! It’s really amazing!!! It’s not by chance that the toothache stopped due to other factors after using garlic. I tried it again right after next toothache and it worked again!

use garlic to stop toothache

By this experience, I believe garlic help to cease toothache because garlic features anti-inflammation. Please note that garlic is stimulant to the flesh around the painful tooth and may cause bubbles or other comfortlessness. But for me, these “side-effects” are unmatchable to a toothache!