Use vapor to moisten your eyes

By | November 28, 2016

When using eyes too often on computer, reading books and watching videos, eyes will become tired with symptons of pain and/or out-of-focus. Also, along with aging, dry eye easily occurs, it occurs when the eye does not produce tears properly or consistently. For such eye disorders, people would like to use eye drops that would offer a quick and effective treatment effect. But these chemical eye drops would no doubt bring some slight side effects and cause a eye-drop-dependency. That means we are not supposed to use eye drops too often.

Recently I found a natural way to handle eyes’ discomforts, that is to use vapor to moisten my eyes. It’s also quick and effective to comfort the eyes, but without stimulation and some side effects. The way is to pour the boil water into a cup, then close your eyes above the boil water to let the vapor moisten the eyes. Also blink the eyes frequently during the process to have a wash effect beside moistening. The eyes should be at least 30 cm away the cup with boil water: begin to get closer to the cup from 40 cm away and stop at a distance of 30 cm, just in case the eyes get scalded. It should be noted that some people’s eyes are sensitive to heat, for the first try, you are suggested to begin from distance of 60 cm, better to let the boiled water cools down to 90 degrees centigrade before the attempt. By the careful attempt, you know how to moisten your eyes at a safe distance and timing.

Use vapor to moisten your eyes

Note: Never put your eyes above the boiling water no matter what a distance is.

By moistening the eyes, not only wash the dirts and eye secretions, but also improve the eye microcirculation to enhance the eyes’ immunity, I ever reduced greatly the discomforts and treated slight pain in the corner of the eyes. But for the serious infection or continuous disorders, we still need to seek a help from a doctor or buy some eye medicines.